What is the Operations Council?

The Operations Council (Ops Council) is responsible for daily operations of the society. Six members oversee six general program areas and committees: Worship, Education, Fellowship, Stewardship, Outreach, Fundamentals/Administration. The FUUSN Treasurer is also a member of the Council.

While the Board of Trustees (BOT) addresses the policy, strategic and fiduciary aspects of FUUSN, the Operations Council deals with issues like room rental rates, approving use of rooms, fire drill plans, table space at coffee hour, insurance, buildings and grounds. The spectrum of topics is very concrete! We develop, review and propose the annual budget that the BOT votes on.

Operations Council members are elected by the congregation and serve three-year terms. This year, the members and their liaison areas are:

  • Susan Bartlett (Chair): Religious Education
  • Laurel Farnsworth (Vice Chair): Fundamentals and Administration
  • Judy Curby (Treasurer): Stewardship
  • Kate Mason: Worship
  • John Brennan: Outreach (Communications)
  • Andrea Kelley : Fellowship (Lay Ministers, Chalice Circles, Membership)
  • Wendy Schwartz, Clerk.

The Minister and DLRE also attend each meeting. Operations Council meets monthly. Twice a year Operations Council hosts all Committee Chairs to update and share the issues, challenges and priorities each committee is addressing. Saturday, November 19, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., in the Chapel this year, and then again on March 18.

Annually, the Operations Council has a retreat to clarify its own priorities for the year, and specific program roles of each member. This was held on October 2.

For a terrific opportunity to get a sense of the full spectrum of FUUSN committees and areas you may want to know more about or join in on, whether it’s a one-time offer or a longer term effort, you are welcome to come to the November 19 Committee Chairs meeting, RSVP to Susan Bartlett at Susan_Bartlett@abtassoc.com. All members of the Operations Council are available to talk if you have questions.