“White Supremacy” Teach-In, April 30

Looking at Systemic White Supremacy in our UU Institutions April 30, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m., in the Children’s Chapel.

UUs of color have called upon UU congregations throughout the denomination to address the systemic racism and white supremacy which they experience within our organizations. They have called on us to participate in teach-ins on April 30 or May 7. We are planning a FUUSN gathering for April 30. Their invitation/request continues:

“On these two Sundays, you and your UU community will be participating with thousands of UUs around the country in this large-scale historic action. This call to action and worship comes from a growing network of UUs–religious professionals and lay leaders from both within and outside congregations–led by UUs of color and white UUs working together.

“Over the past few weeks, many have been responding to calls by UUs of color to look critically *within* our faith communities–including hiring practices, power brokers, and cultural habits–for the ways racism, sexism, and white supremacy live.

“White supremacy” is a provocative phrase, as it conjures up images of hoods and mobs. Yet in 2017, actual “white supremacists” are not required in order to uphold white supremacist culture. Building a faith full of people who understand that key distinction is essential as we work toward a more just society in difficult political times.

“For more information on what spurred this call to action, head to UUWorld.org and click the article “Critics decry white supremacy in hiring practices.” It has become clear that, in order for us to be more effective at tackling the white supremacy beyond our walls, we must also identify ways in which systems of supremacy and inequality live within our faith and our lives.”