Second Workshop on White Supremacy, Oct. 22

A second workshop on the concept of white supremacy culture led by Bill Holland and Barbara Deck, Sunday October 22, Noon – 2:00 pm; light lunch at 11:30 in the Children’s Chapel.

Please join us and find out: Why have black UU’s asked us to adopt a white supremacy culture analytical “lens” as a way to address racism in the United States? What is the difference between “white supremacy culture” and “white privilege”?

Why does talking about white supremacy culture make white people so uncomfortable? How can we engage in this conversation without feeling guilty, blamed, or defensive?

As a white person, can I be part of today’s movement for racial justice and be cherished as an ally to people of color? And learn some practical things to do? And practice talking about white supremacy culture?

The workshop will feature a warm welcome; addressing these questions; a great short video by the wonderful Rev. William Barber; small groups to work on exploring white supremacy culture; and of course appreciations and next steps. Whether you have been doing this work for some time or are just starting out, we hope you will join us.