Your Help is Needed

Dear FUUSN members:

Hooray for our upcoming Fall Fair … but I seek your help.

Currently I am the ONLY (1) person signed up to help in moving stuff from cars and stage and left boxes to help set up the fair. In contrast there are some twenty plus volunteers to break down afterwards.

I’m 75. I have a bad back.I’ve recently suffered a heart attack. I need help!

First – we need the loan of a beach cart or similar carrier as a transport mechanism to carry items from cars to the fair room, to save my back. The metal cart in the kitchen is an unpleasant joke for this function.

Next it would be nice to have at least ONE (1) partner, say less than 50 years of age, to help me and the women who arrange the fair to set up.

I have many enjoyable things to do in retirement. This is not one of them.