Youth Ministry Broadcast

Thank you for tuning into another week of the Youth Ministry Broadcast. We have had an exciting couple of weeks. On March 17-19, several of the youth attended Another World Is Possible, a youth social justice retreat with youth from five other UU congregations. We learned about power and privilege, attended great youth worships, and left positive messages for the members of Winchester Unitarian Society, who hosted the retreat.

On March 26, nineteen fifth through twelfth graders headed over to Project Adventure in Beverly, MA for a day of games, team building, high ropes climbing, and leadership development. It was wonderful to see friendships being built between the youth of different ages. Our hope is to hold a multi-grade community building day every year.

The youth are currently working on planning the youth-led Sunday service. The service will be on April 30. The youth will be speaking, writing, and providing the music. This will also be the senior bridging service. We will be congratulating our high school seniors and honoring the transition they will be making from youth in the congregation to young adults.

Finally, youth teacher applications are out. Every Religious Education classroom has a youth teacher that helps lead the weekly lessons, build relationships with the children and adults, and who is a part of the classroom every Sunday. If youth are interested in applying, please contact Dani, Beth, or Rowan for a link to the application. The applications are due by May 1.