Youth Ministry at FUUSN

FUUSN youth and youth advisers attended the Youth Ministry Fundamentals Training in Albany, NY from February 16 to 18. The training focused on how youth and adults can partner to create and lead youth programming together. It also served as a training for adult advisers on the fundamentals of working with youth in UU congregations.

Five youth from FUUSN attended, as well as the Youth Programs Coordinator and two adult advisers. During the training we learned about different aspects of youth ministry, such as religious growth and learning, community building, worship and spiritual exploration, service, leadership development, and healthy youth adult relationships. We explored how to structure youth group programming to help participants connect and discussed how we can continue to build an inclusive youth program. We also did lots of role plays around challenges that come up in UU youth groups.

As one of the adult advisers shared: “Everybody was engaged. The training drew people in and helped them connect with what they were most interested in. It seemed to be a good balance of more active roles and listening.” Youth and adults who attended the training are excited to have the opportunity to apply what they learned through planning and leading the youth service on April 29. –Dani Patrick