Piano Concert by Lois Shapiro

At the last Services Auction, we had our usual sell out for a Piano Concert by Lois Shapiro. After some long delays because of Covid, we are now able to schedule this much anticipated event.

The concert will now be held in the FUUSN Sanctuary at 2pm on Sunday, November 7.

The extra good news is that because the concert is in the Sanctuary, we can now accommodate more folks than originally planned. So if you would like to attend, you now have this great opportunity. The earlier you let Pat Rohan know the better since we still need to maintain social distancing in the Sanctuary and may not be able to accommodate everyone who would like to attend.

The cost to attend is $50 per person, a real bargain for this terrific opportunity and all proceeds go to FUUSN. Just let Pat Rohan know that you would like to attend and how many seats you would like.

Because of Covid concerns, we will not be serving food or beverages before or after the concert and attendees will need to wear masks.

As those of you who have attended previous concerts by Lois know, this is an opportunity to hear some wonderful piano playing and information sharing by Lois. Her planned program is below.

Please e-mail Pat Rohan if you would like to attend or with any questions, etc. at jprohan@verizon.net

Pat Rohan

What we can learn from Bach’s Goldberg Variations
Let us imagine a time when science, art, philosophy, and religion were not so separate as they are now A time when all disciplines—intellectual, artistic and spiritual—partook of a strong sense of wonder in the Divine orderliness underlying the universe.
Welcome to Bach’s Goldberg Variations! Lois Shapiro, pianist and passionate educator, will guide us on a brief tour of this remarkable work—and share some of the “lessons” in humanity which this work generously offers us– and a full performance.
“They say that when the angels play for each other, they play Mozart; When they play for God, they play Bach.”