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Spiritual Autobiography

Retreat On Tuesday, June 20th from 10:30 – 3:00 pm

Alliance Room  – Bring brown bag lunch

Presenter/Guide: Jeanne Martin, MSW, MTS, Ed.D                            

Poet, Workshop Leader.

Jeanne will provide us with a valuable opportunity to dip into our sense of awe, wonder of meaning and purpose.  She reminds us that spirituality is a life long process including our beliefs, emotions and behavior as we continue to grow into and develop.  It is that which is greater than ourselves, stirring a sense of awe, wonder and purpose that can move us to a deep sense of love and belonging.

In this daylong retreat Jeanne will connect with and write about life events that have formed our spirituality.  Together we will take 4 to 6 experiences to share and to write about in one or two paragraphs. 

Participants are asked to bring a notebook and pen.  A supply of crayons and paper will be available for simple drawings that may help us engage with these experiences.  Please also bring along your own  brown bag sandwich for a together lunch break.  Fruit, drinks and dessert will be provided.

Come join us for this invaluable experience

If you plan to attend, please email Jeanne at