FUUSN needs your support to thrive!

Help us meet our 2022 Budget Drive goal of $632,000

FUUSN pledges make it happen

  • Our pledges constitute over two-thirds of FUUSN’s revenue. We rely on everyone pledging to reach our goal.
  • FUUSN has helped sustain us through these difficult years, providing connections to nourish our physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Together we make UU values manifest in the world, which is so important in these times, including dismantling racism.

How your donations will be used

We aim to support our congregation as we weave our tapestry together

  • We are looking forward to being able to engage in all the wonderful activities we have missed this past year. We aim to continue to fund all the programs that are so valuable to us and support our mission. These programs all require resources.
  • We strive to build a strong financial base as we look to the future with a new Minister and new Director of Religious Education.
  • A strong budget drive will help attract strong candidates for these key roles.

To meet FUUSN’s target of  $632,000 from 300 households we need more pledges and higher pledges

Where does FUUSN’s money come from and where does it go?

Pledges cover 2/3rds of FUUSN’s costs.

Considering making a pledge?

How much should you give?


We aim to raise $632,000 from 300 households. We hope you will increase your pledge this year and consider moving up to the next giving level. 

What’s the right amount for you to pledge? Some factors to consider:

Making a financial investment in our present and future well-being is an expectation of all participants in the FUUSN community

  • We, the people who worship here, form the FUUSN community, participate in activities, and use the facilities, are responsible for maintaining FUUSN’s financial health and promoting FUUSN’s future growth.
  • Financially funding our current operations is an investment in our future and your future.

The cost of keeping FUUSN running exceeds $3,750 per household.  Our average pledge is $2,411

  • FUUSN spends substantially more on each of us than it receives in pledges, using other sources of income.

FUUSN is our community

  • Our spiritual community gives us and our loved ones support, sustenance, and friendship, both in times of celebration and in times of need.  FUUSN supports us through life’s many transitions.  The more you can contribute, the more FUUSN can do to enhance your experience and the experiences of every other member of the community. 

The Unitarian Universalist Association guidelines challenge us to consider giving 2% to 10% of income.  

  • YOUR PLEDGE is a personal decision. We are hopeful many will be able to pledge in amounts consistent with FUUSN’s financial needs, outlined on your enclosed pledge form. However, every pledge, in any amount, is meaningful and greatly appreciated.


March 6:                     Annual Budget Drive Service (In Person and Virtual)

March (various):       Pledge Parties (to be announced)

March 13:                  In Person: Tapestry Workshop

March 20:                  Virtual: Coffee hour conversations – What FUUSN means to us

March 27:                  In Person: Giving Sunday

March 27:                  In Person: Tapestry Workshop

April 1:                       Stewards contact those who haven’t pledged

April 15:                     Steward conversations conclude

Suggested Giving Level for 2022 Annual Budget Drive

Please pledge

For more information or to discuss your pledge please contact: budgetdrive@fuusn.org