About FUUSN Membership, by Pat Rohan


Whether you have visited FUUSN only a few times or you have been attending for years, we are so glad that you have found a spiritual home at FUUSN with us and are considering becoming an official member!

Membership is a rich experience with both the privileges and responsibilities of belonging deeply to a community. Joining FUUSN is a declaration that you share the values and goals of the society and the wider UU movement. It is also a personal commitment to have a relationship with the members of this society who collectively seek spiritual growth for themselves and their children, share the wisdom of many religious traditions, offer service to humanity and acknowledge a reverence for the earth.

Membership Benefits

Having a place to worship, make friends, pay attention to spiritual matters, receive support, and seek out pastoral care are all benefits available to everyone in the FUUSN community. But would you like to feel a deeper sense of connection to the society?  There is a sense of belonging and ownership that accompanies becoming a member and formally expressing your commitment to the well-being and sustainability of the FUUSN community.

Other benefits are more concrete, including being able to fully live the fifth principle of our faith: the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregation and in society at large.  Only members can vote at official congregational meetings, hold an elected office of the congregation, represent the society at district or national meetings, vote to call or install a new minister, and confer ordination on ministerial candidates.  These are joyous and important occasions in the life of the congregation, and only members can fully participate.  In addition, membership confers responsibility for the congregation given that together, members jointly own the building and the endowment.  Other benefits also include free access to facilities and minister for weddings and funerals and reduced building rental for special occasions.

Increased membership numbers also amplify our voice in the greater community, with more influence on the local, national and world political and social agenda!

Membership Aspirations

We hope that members of FUUSN will aspire wholeheartedly to fulfill these commitments to our congregation.  Mostly, members commit to periodically reflecting on their involvement within the congregation and on the following aspirations:

  • Affirm the 7 UU principles and the Purpose Statement of our congregation
  • Actively pursue your own spiritual growth and connect with the wider UU movement
  • Be ‘present’ – regularly participate in worship or other activities and be open to the experience of community
  • Engage in spiritually fulfilling service and contribute your time at least twice a year to our congregation, as you are able (e.g. usher, teach RE, assist with a community breakfast, join the Care Crew, etc.)
  •  Support FUUSN financially, as you are able

Membership Process

While not a requirement, we often recommend that all interested individuals attend our “New to UU” course and our Newcomer Potluck prior to joining FUUSN.  The New UU course enables you to meet fellow newcomers, hear from our lay leaders and staff, learn more about UUism, explore our building with a guided tour, and discover how to get more involved at FUUSN.  Our Newcomer Potluck is a great opportunity to spend time with one another, meet other newcomers and members, and get any questions answered.

If you are IMG_0086ready to become a member, please stop by the Welcome Table during Coffee Hour after service to pick up your application.  Official membership involves a very brief application – filling out your contact information and answering a few short answer questions.  Once we receive your completed form, we give it to the Board who then approves applications. The few minutes needed to fill out the application form allows you to enjoy the many benefits of FUUSN membership and to feel a deeper connection to the FUUSN community!

After the Board approves your application, we celebrate your membership with our New Member Sunday, which includes a breakfast, signing the member registry, and being honored during our Sunday service.  If you have any questions about joining, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Coordinator