The Adult RE program supports adults in their spiritual journeys through classes that address the spirit, heart, body, and mind.  Teachers include staff members and guests who have special expertise, as well as volunteer members of FUUSN who share their time and talents.

Come to the dozens of free Adult Religious Education sessions offered September 2016 through January 2017 at the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Newton!   Download the catalog here.

The offerings fall into four distinct, yet overlapping, categories that capture/reflect FUUSN’s mission:

Liberal Religious Traditions

These courses help congregants gain a deeper understanding of liberal religious traditions as manifested in our history and in our shared religious practice. These courses and activities help us answer questions of identity – Who are we? How have we come to be who we are? What is our story? What do we stand for?

Faith and Doubt: Theology and World Religions 

These courses and activities help us better understand other faiths – their histo¬ries and evolutions, their tenets and texts, their practices and rituals. The crucial questions in this area are about our neighbors and our shared history – Who are our neighbors? What can we learn from them? How can we remain connected to them? Who are we? What is our history? Our future?

Faith and Practice: Social Justice and Social Action 

These activities help us understand how change and healing can happen and how we can be their agents. They address the questions – How can I help? How can I alleviate pain and suffering? How can I make the world a safer and more just place? How can I advocate for systemic change, for change that transforms the world? How must I change my life?

Spiritual Practice and the Inner Life 

These are introductions to our supports for forms of spiritual practice – prayer, meditation, reflection, compassion, peacefulness, charity, mindfulness, and the disciplines of the arts (music, movement, poetry, etc). These practices help us answer questions like How can I be in the world? How do I experience the world? How can I worship? How must I listen? How can I best express my experience of the world?

Multicultural Ministry Initiative

These activities are designed to support us in living out our vision of becoming effective members of a just and loving multicultural society. They address Do I understand the nature of systemic racism? Who do I stand with? Do I stand for racial justice and the end of discrimination? How can I become an effective ally with people of color? Do I stand with people of color and white allies in the struggle to uproot racism?

Contact Jacqui James with any questions about Adult RE classes!