From the Board: Facing a Brave New Year

I’ve often wondered why it is easy for me to bring my Unitarian Universalist beliefs into casual conversation with others. As a former (recovering) Catholic, the idea of proselytization was, by choice, to be avoided at all costs, whether it was on the giving or receiving end of the equation. So what is it that has brought about this change in me?

The recent movements to affirm equality among people of different racial, ethnic, and religious beliefs have become part of our daily discourse. “Black Lives Matter,” Syrian refugees, issues involving immigration and social justice have found a voice in today’s world. While attending social gatherings discussions often bring up any number of these trending topics. When these conversations get difficult I try to remember who we are and what we stand for. While exercising my capacity to listen with compassion, I give voice to the Unitarian Universalist commitment to social justice and equality guided by the seven principles.

With the arrival of this New Year we find ourselves teetering on the precipice of an unknown future. I’ve decided it’s time to teach my nine-year-old daughters what my father fought for in WW2. Keeping in mind the words of George Santayana, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Now more than ever it is important to live out our principles and to continue our own free and responsible search for truth and meaning.             — Gregg DiBiaso