FUUSN Multicultural Ministry Initiative Survey Continues

The FUUSN Multicultural Ministry Initiative team wants to hear from you!

Please participate in our online survey or stop by the MMI table at Coffee Hour.

Our purpose, as the FUUSN Multicultural Ministry Initiative, is to inspire, educate, support, and equip FUUSN’s leadership and membership, including ourselves, for vital and vibrant multicultural and anti-oppression engagement in our congregation and in the larger community.

Our vision is of an institution and wider community that has overcome systemic racism and all other oppressions.

Up until now, MMI has focused largely on the impact of race and culture in our daily lives. While our anti-racism focus will continue, the term multicultural suggests a process of affirming our own and other’s membership in many different identity groups. To ensure we’re being responsive to the needs of all in our congregation, we would appreciate your feedback about what you’d like to see offered for programs in the future. Thank you!