Holiday Fair

The Holiday Fair is right around the corner, on Saturday, December 7. Now is the perfect time to separate those items in your life that you are deeply grateful for from those that are simply clutter in your life but might be a delight to someone else.

Yes, you guessed it, this is the yearly bid for donations to the Gift Table. We love any small (or even relatively large!) items that are new or look like new and thus have the potential to be re-gifted. Also we totally love handmade items into which you’ve put your talent and love.

Professional organizers will tell you that each thing you own is connected to you by a thread that either feeds or drains your energy. If you love it and it’s YOU, it energizes you – but if your connection to it is blah, despite the fact that it may have been a gift someone hoped you’d love, it drains your energy! So it’s never too early to start re-energizing yourself by divesting yourself of things that drain you but have the potential to energize another gift buyer or receiver (and benefit FUUSN at the same time).

Here are some examples of items you might have around that we’d be happy to recycle for you; some of our interests overlap with those of the Silent Auction but don’t worry -anything you donate will find its way to the right place. Remember, all items should be in new or like-new condition.

• China and pottery especially decorative plates, casserole dishes, teacups, pots etc.
• Glassware
• Ornamental objects/figurines/vases/tree ornaments
• New kitchen implements of all sorts
• Scarves/gloves/hats – new or like new
• Placemats/table runners or cloths
• Small appliances/clocks/etc.
• Interesting souvenirs, figurines, etc.
• Stationery & notecards/playing cards
• Frames/photo albums
• New toys & children’s books
• Bath items like soaps, creams, bath salts, perfumes, bubble bath etc.
• New towel sets
• Stocking stuffers of all kinds!
• Purses and carry all bags of all sizes/wallets/change purses
• Candles and holders
• Unused baby clothes
• Some antique items; they should be small and have a “cute” factor
• Cute new things of all sorts from socks to edibles like fancy coffees and teas, etc.
• Use your imagination!

If you have any things like this that you can unearth and bring in starting Sunday December 1 after services (or anytime before Dec 6 when we’ll be setting up for the Holiday Fair), please bring them in!

This is your chance to avoid that sad moment so many experience each year when they look at the Gift Table and say, “Oh I had so many things I wanted to get rid of that would have been perfect for this table, and now I’m stuck with them for another year!” Instead, make yours a happy moment by creating space in your life and home, and donating to a good cause.

And then come shop at the fair to fill up all that new-found space!

Barbara Schmitt on behalf of all of the Gift Table Elves

Books for fair may be dropped on the stage after services on Dec 1. Please no textbooks, moldy books, or travel books older than 2 years old. Contact Lynne Karlson for more information at Thanks