Musings: Artistic Riches

I think art keeps its newness because it’s at once unforgettable and impossible to remember entirely. Art is too volatile, multiple and evaporative to hold on to. It’s more chemical reaction, one you have to re-create each time, than a substance. Art’s discoveries are also, almost always, counter to ordinary truths. Evolution tells us how to survive; art tells us how it’s possible still to live even while knowing that we and all we love will someday vanish. It says there’s beauty even in grief, freedom even inside the strictures of form and of life. What’s liberating isn’t what’s simplest; it’s the ability to include more and more shadows, colors and possibilities inside any moment’s meeting of self and world.

Jane Hirshfield

Art is happening around us now, and it is worth the effort to find it and experience it with our friends and families. I very often list events happening in our area because…well, because we are blessed with an abundance of artistic riches and we should support our artists.