Operations Council

Amazing Holiday Fair Results
Many, many thanks to all who made the Fair such a resounding success this year. See the table below for the numbers. It is impossible to list everyone who deserves thanks but here are some notables. Denise Bousquet does signs as well as jewelry and increased the jewelry results by selling gold by weight this year. Kit Ryan oversees both the raffle quilt and silent auction with Linda Rinearson for very good results. Ron Margolin did his last soup lunch this year. We will miss you, Ron. Anne Hess Mahan, coming off of hip surgery worked with her main elves Shirley Sanchez and Daphne Blount for the great bake table. Lisa Gresser and Lucy Boyle sold every single wreathe. Mike Arnott kept us all going with coffee and muffins. Barbara Schmitt and her army of helpers made and sold wonderful gifts. Judy Zacek valiantly sold Marion’s Gourmet edibles. David Marks sharpened knives. Lynne Karlson gave booklovers a new haven on the stage. Sandy Jones made amazing Playmobil tableaux in the toy room assisted by Connie Stubbs. Ruth Comstock did publicity with Sandy and helped oversee every aspect of set up, knife sharpening and clean up. Brenda Roberts and Faith Kreider distributed cash boxes, collected money and counted it all. Pat Rohan cheerfully sold the White Elephant odds and ends until they were mostly gone. Many thanks to all for your wonderful hard work. It takes a community like this one to pull this off.

Fair Tables gross income expenses Net income
Baked Goods  $2,492.00
Books  $628.00
Coffee    $35.08
Gifts  $2,810.00
Jewelry  $6,858.25
Marion’s Kitchen  $804.00
Knife Sharpener $592.00
Quilt  $603.00
Saturday Lunch $716.00
Silent Auction $5,720.00
Toys and Games  $701.60
White elephant – $177.00
Wreaths  $1,487.00
Yard Sale  $2,711.37
Trader Jackie  $478.00
General expense – 12/2/2018 pizza$229.40 $(229.40)

TOTALS  $29,567.85     2,668.23       $26,583.90

Fair total minus general expenses 23,394.53
Yard Sale (net of expenses) $2,711.37
Net Income $26,105.90