Operations Council

The Operations Council and staff have worked hard to determine how to make our building as safe as we possibly can in these pandemic times. We have improved ventilation systems to the greatest extent possible for our lovely but old building and created traffic patterns that allow us the greatest use we can manage while separating different uses and users for their own safety.

Our major spaces and offices and classrooms all have improved ventilation from MERV 13 filters and air purifiers that are appropriate to their size and use. There are some spaces that cannot handle large groups, specifically the office corridor. Therefore we have created pathways for our renters and Sunday attendees that limit how we use that space. Our largest renters, Pine Village Preschool, Dorshei Tzedek Hebrew School and The Children’s Theatre Workshop all have dedicated entrances and exits so they do not cross paths with our staff or each other.

On Sundays, we have one path to the offices and Parish Hall for staff/specified teachers and a somewhat separate path to restrooms off the classroom hallway for the congregation through the classroom corridor. Anyone needing an accessible restroom can use the office corridor. This keeps any activities that the children may have in the Parish Hall separate from any adults needing the restrooms, increasing the safety for each of those groups.

Please help us observe these protocols to keep all of us as safe as we can be. Thanks for your support.

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