Operations Council: FUUSN’s Treasury Team

Each year the congregation elects a 3-person team to handle FUUSN’s cash management activities. Currently Judy Curby serves as Treasurer, and Faith Kreider and Karen Lein both serve as Assistant Treasurers.

FUUSN maintains several checking accounts to meet the needs of the congregation. The primary account is used for pledge payments, building use fees, weekly plate offerings, holiday fair income and other revenue. On the expenditure side, the same account is used for most of the Society’s expenditures, such as payroll, utilities, supplies, committee expenditures, and building repairs. Treasurer Judy Curby is responsible for reviewing and reconciling the primary account each month.

FUUSN also maintains three smaller bank accounts, each dedicated to a specific function. Karen Lein oversees the Extended Programs account, used for the congregation’s trips to Sandy Island and Ferry Beach. The Kitchen Account, managed by Community Breakfast guru Ron Margolin and overseen by Judy Curby, buys food and supplies for monthly community breakfasts. The third account, the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, is managed by Rev. Erin Splaine to provide confidential help to community members facing difficult times. Faith Kreider assists Erin in the regular reconciliation of the account. Donations to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund are gratefully received each year at the Christmas Eve services.

Administrator Fran Clancy plays an important role in processing incoming revenue and outgoing payments. Fran reviews invoices to ensure that all backup information is included, and she prepares payment checks for signature by the Treasurer or an Assistant Treasurer. The treasurers make all bank deposits and sign all checks.

Under our governance the Treasurer serves as a member of the Operations Council. As well, she meets regularly with the Finance Committee and works cooperatively with them to prepare and monitor the annual budget and contribute to long range planning forecasts. Investment of FUUSN’s endowment funds is handled by a three-member Board of Investments, also elected by the congregation.

A copy of the FY2016 Annual Treasurer’s Report is available for review in the FUUSN Office. Don’t hesitate to approach any of your treasurers if you have any questions!                               -Judy Curby, Treasurer