Over 60s Event

The Over 60’s sponsors Dr. Karen Edwards, author, lecturer and workshop leader. Karen is offering a Zoom workshop on May 21 at 3-4:30 pm “A Look at Our Lives; Letting Go of Regrets”

In this period of “shelter in place” we may find ourselves ruminating on our lives, our path ahead and also our mistakes and regrets. It is regrets that can bring us to a halt in moving forward with perspective. They may be recent (I should own a thermometer!) or from the distant past (If only I had tried harder). Regrets are renowned for allowing feelings of shame and guilt and they succeed in blocking self forgiveness and self care. Karen will offer insights and activities to explore how we can let go of our regrets. We will reflect, write and share our discoveries with one another in this 90 minute workshop on Zoom. Come join us for new perspectives on regrets and self-forgiveness.

If you would like to attend this workshop on Zoom in May, please email Karen at edwardsks@rcn.com