R.E. Connections

The FUUSN Children’s Religious Education Committee (CRE) has been meeting regularly since September and wanted to provide the congregation with information about our ongoing work.

The CRE seeks to support the Director and Assistant Director of Religious Education with programming for children and families. Our members meet monthly with Amanda Graff and Beth Walton to discuss and help meet weekly programming needs as well as provide a congregational voice in the consideration of longer-term RE development needs such as program inclusivity and family engagement.

This year, we have chosen to focus on special needs inclusion for Children and Families RE programming. As committee members, we are working to develop our understanding of best practices in this area and how FUUSN could continue to develop our inclusive practice within children’s RE. The CRE is interested in gaining input from FUUSN families on this important topic and will be inviting all members and families for in-depth discussion before the end of the church year.

Future topics the CRE is interested in exploring include reviewing and developing our children’s curriculum related to social justice, continuing to increase support for RE teachers, and increasing RE engagement with families and caregivers. We are seeking new members of our committee now and/or for the 2019-2020 Church year and would be happy to talk with anyone interested in joining our dynamic group. If you have a topic or question about Children’s RE and would like to talk with one of us, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We would be glad to connect.

Stephanie Kendall (co-chair), Amanda Graff (co-chair, DLRE), and Beth Walton (Assistant DRE) Current CRE Committee Members are Stephanie Kendall, Amanda Graff, Beth Walton, Ashley Levesque, Maura Morse, Lisa Marino, Kim Shanks