Racial Justice

The FUUSN Racial Justice Ministry Steering Committee (RJM) is seeking new committee and task team members. Our purpose as the RJM is to inspire, educate, and equip FUUSN’s leadership and membership, including ourselves, for vital and vibrant racial justice and anti-oppression engagement in our congregation and in the larger community. We lead the Pledge to End Racism program and conduct other activities in support of this purpose.

We are currently recruiting people for positions on our Steering Committee as well as our Living the Pledge Workshop (LTP) Organizing Team and our Living the Pledge Action Team. The Living the Pledge Action Team is charged with supporting people who have completed the workshop with continuing their commitment to anti-racism work.

For more information, please read our HELP WANTED page at this link:

If you are interested in joining our Steering Committee or one of our teams, please e-mail Bill Holland (wm.holland@gmail.com) with the following information:
o why you are interested in joining RJM,
o your relevant experience related to racial/social justice

Current Steering Committee membership:
Jacqui James – Co-Chair
Meg Holland – Co-Chair
Barbara Deck
Bill Dusett
Bill Holland
Hattie Kerwin Derrick
Jon Reuman
Naomi Rush Olson
RoseAnn Murray
If you would like or need more information, please contact Bill Holland (wm.holland@gmail.com or 617-905-8614)