September 11- Water Ceremony – Rev. Parisa Parsa

The theme for September is Change

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional” 

The inevitable changes of life are opportunities to reflect on what has been, what we have learned and what we wish for the future. From annual seasons in nature to the seasons of life in our bodies and relationships, we have a lot of feelings about changes, from grief to excitement to relief. How do we make space for the variety of experiences we have when change is in the air in our whole community and not everyone is feeling the same way at the same time?

Water is essential for the life of the body and the life of the spirit. In an annual FUUSN tradition, we welcome one another back from summer by sharing water that has been meaningful and nourished us in our time apart. Please bring a small container of water with you and join in our celebration to mark the beginning of our congregational year.