A Ferry Beach Thank UU

A huge Thank UU to all the volunteers who made the FUUSN Ferry Beach retreat a huge success this year: Mike Arnott, Bill Dusett, Karen Edwards, Judy Friedman, Stu Gladstone, Julia Huston, Stephanie Kendall, Karen Lein, Jen Lerner, Saul Lookner, Christine Lookner, Larry McKinney, Bob McWilliams, Andrew Morse, Maura Morse, Jacki Rohan, Pat Rohan, Mindy Scharlin, Sandra Teare, Norm Thibeault, Rod Thomas, Rowan Van Ness, Brooke Wells, Mary White, Nancy Wrenn, Judy Zacek, and a special thanks to all the kids parents who kept the crafts room clean. My apologies if I missed anyone in this list.

Thanks, Vern Ellis