Youth Coffee House

Dear FUUSN Community,

Our FUUSN youth are happy to invite you to join us on April 24 at 7:30pm for a virtual Coffee House featuring local young artists. A talented group youth will perform virtually, some live and some recorded. This year, all tax deductible donations we receive at Coffee House will go to the One Chelsea Fund, which is an organization providing COVID relief to communities of color in Chelsea. The FUUSN youth have selected this charity this year because it addresses the intersection of racism and COVID, two issues that we feel are extremely important to fight as part of our UU faith.

You can attend coffee house at this link:
Passcode: 204844

You can donate to Coffee House through the following link and will be able to do so ahead of time or during the event itself. Thank you in advance for your support of both the FUUSN youth and The One Chelsea Fund!

Donation link: