Author: Minister

From the Minister: Clarification


There seems to be some confusion about how long I will be with you. Since the end of that time period is coming sooner than some of you think, I should clarify the situation. The letter of agreement stipulates a part time ministry. Part time … read more.

From the Minister: In the Interim

I hope that you had the holiday you needed to have, but I am willing to bet that it was less than perfect. It may even have fallen far short of what you wanted. You may not have been given something you really hoped (and … read more.

From the Minister: Thoughts in Progress

Many UU parishioners are not fond of ministerial sabbaticals. Until about thirty years ago sabbaticals were granted only to academics of a certain standing in their profession. Intense pressure by the UU Ministers Association brought them into play for ministers. Since then we have been working out how to make them … read more.