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Membership Survey (for Member Services)

I’m pleased to report that 72 of you have already responded to the membership survey that I shared last week. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the survey—and thank you, too, for the thought and care that you’ve put into your answers. It’s … read more.

Embracing the Neutral Zone

It was lovely to meet several of you in person at the February 20th service! After weeks of Zoom meetings, phone calls, and Zoom-only worship, being in the sanctuary, seeing the choir together in their matching teal scarves, and connecting through bits of impromptu conversation … read more.

Member Services

Faith Over Fear
(with practical suggestions for FUUSN)

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been surprised by how quickly and how firmly the Netflix series “Cheer” has held me in its grasp. It wasn’t my first choice for family viewing, but my 17-year-old’s persistent refrain, … read more.

Meeting by Meeting: Getting to know FUUSN

During a recent staff meeting, when I bemoaned the challenge of meeting FUUSNites amid remote church life, Erin wisely suggested that I attend more meetings. While the phrase “more meetings” doesn’t really spark joy (Marie Kondo would have us toss it), actually seeing more of … read more.

Membership Coordinator

Showing Up, Sharing, and Connecting
I suspect that most of us began 2022 with some trepidation as the omicron variant re-molded our lives into a shape resembling spring 2020 a little more than any of us would like. But as January began, I was fortunate … read more.


FUUSN 2021 Judy Zacek Memorial Picnic

Just a reminder about the FUUSN 2021 Annual Picnic, this year named the Judy Zacek Memorial Picnic in honor of our beloved Judy, who for many years was the primary organizer of the picnic. Due to unfavorable weather forecasts … read more.


When you get a chance, please visit the FUUSN website to see intergenerational video testimonials about FUUSN by several FUUSN folks. There is a montage on the Home page, and you can see full versions of all of the videos by clicking on the Testimonial … read more.

Membership Coordinator

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I spent many hours every week taking Irish Step dance lessons at a local RI dance studio. The highlight of the year was always the St. Patrick’s Day performance season, when the studio would kick it into high gear … read more.

Membership Coordinator

Dear FUUSN Community,
Thank you to everyone who attended our December 15 service, where we welcomed our newest members into the congregation. We were fortunate to have a large group of new members (15!) as well as a large number of congregants there to welcome … read more.